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Sound design workshop by Adriano (for registered 48HFP teams)

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Sound design workshop by Adriano (for registered 48HFP teams)

Het 48 uur filmproject is één van de grootste competities ter wereld waar filmmakers binnen 48 uur een korte film maken.
Dit jaar wordt deze competitie weer door het 48 Film Project op Bonaire, Curaçao en Aruba georganiseerd. Op Bonaire staat het project onder leiding van Dennis Martinus, op Curaçao onder leiding van Ramses Petronia en op Aruba onder leiding van Francisco Juan Pardo.

Het doel van dit project is om zoveel mogelijk filmmakers van Aruba, Bonaire en Curaçao (zowel professioneel als amateur) te werven en deel te laten nemen aan de competitie op hun eigen (ei)land. Het project hoopt op ieder eiland 10 groepen van minimaal 5 filmmakers te werven.

PBCCGSound design workshop by Adriano (for registered 48HFP teams)
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SEA & Learn

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SEA & Learn project Saba

The Sea & Learn program is multi-faceted.

Sea & Learn invites a variety of experts and scientists to collaborate, interact, and engage with the local community of Saba, as well as traveling tourists visiting the island. Local venues provide a casual learning environment to host evening multi-media presentations so that experts can share their research and knowledge and how it relates to local environment of Saba and the surrounding region.

All Saba students from kindergarten through secondary schools are taken out of the classroom to participate in nature field projects, both on land and the sea. Likewise, there are also terrestrial and marine field projects for adults. Exposure to our program is not just beneficial in the month of October. For example, this year’s program will allow a number of locals to assist with Saba’s coral nursery. Becoming a citizen scientist also translates to more local volunteering throughout the year and perhaps other areas within the community.

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Kaya Kaya Street party Ser’l Otrobanda

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Kaya Kaya ta un evento pa trese diferente tipo di hende den komunidat huntu i pa mustra e potensial grandi di Ser’i Otrobanda.
Un diversidat di e kultura Kurasoleño ta keda sentralisá manera muzik, eksposishon di arte i restourant dirigí pa e habitantenan
For di adelantá e habitantenan, trahadónan boluntario i artistanan ta kuminsá limpia, embeyesé i desaroyá e bario.

E meta Kultural di Kaya Kaya ta: krea laso sorprendente ku arte i kultura entre e paisnan, kulturanan i e diferente hendenan den
nos sosiedat.
Durante di Kaya Kaya esaki ta wordu realisá dor di eksponé pintura mural i teatro interaktivo k uta konta e historia di vida ku ta
tuma lugá tras di porta i bentana di e kasnan di Ser’i Otrobanda.

Kaya Kaya un di e eventonan sosial-kultural mas bishitá riba nos isla. Nos ta orguyoso di e inisiativa i e manera ku ela desaroyá i
nos ta kontentu ku nos por a yuda.

Sigui hasi e trabou ku boso ta hasi! Sigui bai pa metanan grandi! TREMENDO!!





PBCCGKaya Kaya Street party Ser’l Otrobanda
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The PBCCG Culture Prize award 2019

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Heleen Cornet
For enriching and developing the cultural sector of the arts on Saba


Christina Timber – Glover
For enriching and developing performing arts on Sint Eustatius

The PBCCG Culture Prize is awarded to persons or organisations that displayed explicit initiatives and efforts for culture and / or nature conservation on the islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

Thank you for your amazing work and efforts!!








PBCCG Culture prize award 2019

PBCCG culture prize award 2019

PBCCGThe PBCCG Culture Prize award 2019
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“Chella y la mujer misteriosa” by Beyond Kultura Events

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According to a press release from Drs. Loekie Morales on Saturday, her Spanish language book ‘Chella y la Mujer Misteroisa’ is finally released by Beyond Kultura Events Foundation (BKE). Recently the full-coloured book was handed over to the representative of the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund Caribbean, in Scherpenheuvel, Curaçao, by the author’s sister Elta Paulina Morales. The Prins Bernhard Cultural Fund Caribbean has subsidized the translation costs of the book, which will be soon handed over to the Jubilee Library in Philipsburg.

The book is a thriller for children from 8 years and up. It depicts the story of a stubborn girl who won’t listen to her grandmother and will find herself in a desperate situation. ‘The story teaches children to open their eyes and ears to strange things happening in their surroundings. They learn that being obedient to good parents has a simple and protected goal. That they cannot go away with strangers, even how nice and sweet they look like.’ Morales stated in the press release.

“What is the motivation for a Spanish book?” ‘There are more and more children today, who are Spanish speaking on Sint Maarten and in Curaçao. Many are grown up without books or hardly come into contact with reading books. Some are hardly reading out loud. The Beyond Kultura Events Foundation (BKE) aims to promote reading and writing, but also storytelling. This book can stimulate more Spanish speaking children to read (more), listen to stories and to use fantasies, to invent stories and to share them with their peers. This stimulates the ability to listen better, and also enhancing the art of understanding what they read. Publish children books in more languages is one of the aims of Beyond Kultura. By publishing in Spanish, BKE reaches out to other children in the Spanish speaking Caribbean region, as well. ‘Chella y la Mujer Misteroisa’ will also be used in our upcoming Kids Night Out 2019, our story night evening for children, which will take place coming Saturday 6th of July in the Cultural Center in Philipsburg.’ Morales concluded.

The story is beautifully illustrated by illustrator Penka Petkova, who is a well-known artist of mural paintings on Sint Maarten. The 500 printed copies will be mainly used to encourage migrant children of Spanish speaking background to read more.

The books will be spread over primary schools, children’s afternoon programs on Sint Maarten to support comprehensive reading. The Curaçao schools will get a couple of copies for their libraries. All primary schools of St. Maarten and of Curacao will get reading books free of charge per school.

PBCCG“Chella y la mujer misteriosa” by Beyond Kultura Events
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Fragments of an unfolding journey by Alisa Anastatia

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Un Solo eksposishon tokante: nos “biahe” den bida, e kaminda ku nos ta kana “Moveshon/Kambio/Kresementu/ Balansa”. Enfin e pasonan ku nos ta dal den bida ku e bisendario/naturalesa Kurasoleño komo espasio; un espasio ku sa di mantené su mes den balansa. Kon mi ta move den e espasio rondó di mi i mas importante kon e espasio ta ‘move’ rondó di mi? Kon e naturalesa ta move, ki ta e pasonan ku naturalesa ta dal i ki kolónan ta enbolbí den esaki? E tema den esaki a wordu aserká tantu konseptual komo spiritualmente.
Durante e eksposihon aki pinturanan/kuadronan, instalashonan formato grandi a keda eksponé pero tambe a hasi uzo di un instalashon di video den kual por a mira e kontraste entre e imáhennan movibel i  stanka. E instalashon di video ta un kolaborashon ku 2 otro artista esta Avantia Damberg (artista plástiko) i Sorandy Sint Jacobs (músiko/zonido)

PBCCGFragments of an unfolding journey by Alisa Anastatia
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Short fiction film Paradiso by director Rebecca Roos.

Living in Paradise is not the same as visiting Paradise. The short film juxtaposes a day in the live of tourists visiting Aruba with one of a professional woman living in Aruba.

Paradiso is written, directed, and produced by Rebecca Roos together with co-producer Guido van Raalte and associate producers
Aaron Hose and Nicole Booi.

Paradiso had its world premiere in Belize during the 2018 Belize International Film Festival in November 2018 as part of a short-film program consisting of fifteen documentary and fiction films.

is very proud and happy to have been of support to this great project.

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‘RESPECT’ theatraal educatieproject door Drazans

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Un proyekto foro teatral di Jeugdtheaterschool Drazans na diferente skol den barionan di menos rekurso di Willemstad.

E proyekto Rèspèt! A wordu krea pa duna atenshon den enseñansa básiko na e diferente formanan di Rèspèt i ekspreshon di habilidat sosial pa medio di teater. Pa por logra e meta aki a krea un foro teatral den kual 10 aktor di Jeugd Theaterschool Drazans (hóbennan di 11 t/k 19 aña) a presentá kuater esena tokante Rèspèt pa muchanan di enseñansa básiko (grupo 5 t/k 8).
Un inisiativa fantástiko.
Kontentu ku nos komo PBCCG por a sostené.
Sigui ku e bon trabou!

PBCCG‘RESPECT’ theatraal educatieproject door Drazans
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IBB vraagt subsidie aan voor jong talent in Curaçao

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De financiële situatie van een (aspirant) student moet nooit een reden zijn waarom zij niet de kans krijgen om hun talenten te ontwikkelen. Daarom weigeren we bij Instituto Buena Bista geen talentvolle jongeren om deze reden. Van de 30 – 35 studenten die wij ieder jaar ontvangen is er altijd een groep die om redenen de schoolcontributie niet (geheel) kan bekostigen.

IBB richt zich tot het PBCCG
Met de vraag om een aantal van deze studenten te steunen door de kosten van de schoolcontributie geheel of gedeeltelijk te dragen. Voor deze contributie krijgt de student(e) een compleet pakket dat bestaat uit professionele begeleiding en educatie op maat, met als doel de de ontwikkeling van hun talent.

GREAT work IBB! So happy and proud that we could help these local upcoming artists!

PBCCGIBB vraagt subsidie aan voor jong talent in Curaçao
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Kunstdeelname Biënnale Havana Cuba

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Alydia Wever is uitgenodigd als kunstenares om haar Anthropical, een multidisciplinaire dans-theater productie, te presenteren op de 13de Biënnale Havana, Cuba in de periode april – mei 2019.
Samen met Kevin Schuit, Glenda Heyliger, Ryan Oduber, Eva Croes, Kevin Gumbs, Orwin Tromp en Doriene van der wijst.

AnThropical is een herverbinding met de essentie van onze overgeërfde verschillen. Mijn onderzoek is gericht op deze “overgang”. Het proces dat plaatsvindt wanneer we verwachten dat het gebeurt en het belangrijkste, als we ons niet ervan bewust zijn dat het gebeurt. Deze vijf overgangen vertegenwoordigen onze eigen verschillen binnen onze samenlevingen, ons biologisch geërfd gedrag, onze psyche en tradities. En hoe we van elkaar leren hoe we met ons eigen perspectief kunnen omgaan en leren dat ieder van ons een ander kenmerk, element, patroon, eigenschap en bron heeft die ons nog steeds onduidelijk zijn vanwege onze vele verschillen in ons erfgoed. Elk scenario gebruikt bewegingen, gebaren, muziek / stem, allemaal samen binnen de verschillende disciplines van de kunsten, zoals installatie, videokunst, literatuur en design. Dit voegt een multidimensionaal aspect toe aan het totale project.

Het is geweldig om te zien hoe onze kunstenaars en artiesten zich internationaal op de kaart zetten!

Extremely proud and happy PBCCG could help make this project possible!

PBCCGKunstdeelname Biënnale Havana Cuba
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