What a feast, Friday June 18th the premiere of the short film La Dama Blanca!
We have enjoyed every moment of it! Next to the local short film the documentary Chopin in Caribbean Key was shown which provided a rich evening program.

Now at the movies at Curacao: https://themoviescuracao.com/otrobanda/movie/la-dama-blanca
Don’t miss it!

La Dama Blanca cherishes the past. What’s life worth without her memories? Where she can find him, her great love. He shines in his role with the music of ‘Te Busco’. She stands before him, dressed in white and he kisses her, a kiss that still burns on her lips.

Her butler Sancho is determined to pull “his” Dama Blanca back to the present, but her ex-lover haunts the house. In the music, in his photos, in her mind… Francis is a ghost that Sancho can’t put his finger on.

‘La Dama Blanca’ is a film adaptation of the play of the same name in the Papiamento-language. A classic rendition in which the longing for unrequited love is central. This Short Film is a project by, among others, Guus de Sain, as Director and Producer, the Screenplay by Laura Quast and Hester Jonkhout as Director of Photography and Editor. Starring Rina Penso and Giovanni Abath.