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Lees hier alles over de meest recente projecten van Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribbean.

Film Rudy Plaate in première

Atardi, “the life of Curaçao’s musical genius Rudy Plaate” lo estrena dia 9 di juli na Kòrsou (the movies) i 10 di juli na Aruba (the movies i Principal). E dokumental musical aki dirigi pa siniasta Selwyn de Wind ta pone lus riba e estilo i herensia di e evolushon di Kòrsou su musika. Den esaki

Book – Wooden Houses of Curacao Two

After the successful issue of the first book Wooden Houses of Curaçao, Number two is born, by the hand of Monique Rosalina-van de Kuilen. A wonderful and colorful portrait of Curaçaos wooden houses and some of it’s residents. With over 600 photo’s a very nice item for the coffee table. Available in bookstores now…

Kathedraal van Doornen

After five and a half years of hard work the Cathedral of Thorns is on its way to becoming one of the most multidisciplinary art-projects in the history of Curacao. It is a monumental work of art, a beautiful stage, a peaceful place to contemplate and a major attraction for artists, performers and visitors. Dia 2-02-2020 tabata e

Book – Storm

September 6, 2017, was the day of the most destructive national disaster and the worst nightmare Sint Maarten had ever seen. On that day Hurricane Irma slammed her tail and left the island in total chaos and shambles. This book ‘Storm’ is about the dramatic experiences of two young boys, David and Tony, during and after the arrival

Book – Post war Curacao – 1945 – 1963

Eddy Wegman (17 February 1918 – 12 May 1998 was born in Doetinchem, in the Netherlands. He left for Curaçao in September 1945, where he had been offered a job at Shell. In Curaçao he devoted the little free time he had largely to his new passion: photography. As a photographer he gained the trust

IBB begeleid talentvolle jongeren

Instituo Buena Bista (IBB) is het centrum voor hedendaagse kunst op Curaçao. Het streven van het instituut is om via haar educatieve activiteiten de samenleving het belang van kunst en (levend) cultuur te laten zien, ervaren en te werken naar een nieuw cultureel erfgoed voor Curaçao. Dit streven wordt bewerkstelligd door een actief expositie programma,


Dance Curacao is a dance event organized to stimulate and encourage our local young dancers  (ballet/jazz/ modern/ hiphop) to improve their knowledge and develop their basics of theatre Dance and Performing Art by providing them a week of intensive classes given by international teachers.Some of these dancers have briljant skills but never have the opportunity to experience the world

Sea and Learn hands on educational activities

​ Sea & Learn on Saba is a non-profit foundation that brings together the local community, diverse nature experts and visitors to understand the value of nature, both worldwide and locally on Saba. Sea & Learn’s objective is to reinforce the importance of protecting nature and educate the potential safe-keepers in order to sustain viability of

Aruba Art Fair 2019

Aruba Art Fair (AAF) a invitá sra. Lusette Verboom komo kuratòr i artista di Kòrsou pa partisipá na AAF 2019. AAF ta un di e Eventonan di Arte mas papiá na Aruba. E ta trese un diversidat kultural huntu i ta pèrkurá pa un di e barionan di Aruba, San Nicolas, di “siudat fantasma” a krese

Sound design workshop by Adriano (for registered 48HFP teams)

Het 48 uur filmproject is één van de grootste competities ter wereld waar filmmakers binnen 48 uur een korte film maken. Dit jaar wordt deze competitie weer door het 48 Film Project op Bonaire, Curaçao en Aruba georganiseerd. Op Bonaire staat het project onder leiding van Dennis Martinus, op Curaçao onder leiding van Ramses Petronia en op

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