On September 8th, 2017, after it became clear how much damage the passing of hurricane Irma caused to the Dutch Windward Islands, the board of the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund Caribbean Region (PBCCG) met to discuss how it would respond.

Existing government and human service organizations will assist with general humanitarian needs but are often unable to meet the specific and unique needs of the nature and culture community including immediate recovery and preservation of artwork, tools, equipment and facilities. As we strongly believe that nature and culture are basic human needs, the PBCCG board decided that while others are scrambling to meet the general humanitarian needs, it is our duty to give support to start re-establishing nature and culture organizations and programs.

The PBCCG board has approved funds for disaster relief, you can read said decision here. We recognize that we do not have sufficient funds to do make a vast difference; we do however think that our contributions will give people the message that their work is appreciated, and, stronger still essential to the effort to rebuilding their communities. This message in turn will give these organization hope and courage as they face the obstacles ahead of them.

Hurricane Irma above the Windward Islands


We are currently also communicating with other potential donor organizations to contribute to the fund established, as we believe that our 64+ years of experience on these islands, with people on the ground make us the most capable partner to aid the nature and culture NGOs under these circumstances. Anyone or any organization that wants to contribute to our fund, can contact us via info@pbccaribbean.com or call us at +59997671584, we will gladly accept a helping hand.


The PBCCG believes that in this disaster lies an opportunity to rebuild even better and therefore hopes that the funds offered would be used to bring people together, foster collaboration, and be a catalyst for further sustainable development and rebuilding efforts. We will work hard with our representatives, the NGOs and external advisors to achieve these goals.


Only NGOs that the PBCCG has helped in the past are eligible to apply for a grant. We choose to limit this initiative to previous recipients of PBCCG subsidies because we already have ample experience with them and can thus waive the usual need to also submit supporting documents such as Statutes, Chamber extracts, financial reports, etc. We do however encourage collaboration with NGOs in our scope with whom we do not (yet) have a relationship. As such we will consider grants requested ‘on their behalf’.


  1. Firstly, we ask that all NGOs who haven’t already done so, to fill in a short survey regarding their damages and priorities. You can find the questionnaire at www.surveymonkey.com/r/8DJJRV7
  2. Secondly, we ask that you email us at ncrf@pbccaribbean.com with your particular damage needs and priorities so that we can fine-tune with you what we may be able to help with.
  3. Once you are ready to request a grant, give us the specifics on this application  form, which you return to us digitally with your quotations and (audio-)visual proof of damage at your earliest convenience.

The PBCCG board will fast track decision-making on the applications.


In the meantime, in view of the possibility that many have lost their administration and/or ability to operate projects we supported, the PBCCG is giving special consideration to all currently active regular subsidies to our friends and NGOs on the Dutch Windward Islands. The particulars hereof has been communicated directly to them.

Destruction on St. Maarten was widespread, Saba and Statia were thankfully spared the worst. All three island will need help rebuilding, restoring and restarting.