The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds NL director, Mrs. Cathelijne Broers, and her two colleagues had a busy and exciting weekend enjoying Curaçao and learning more about our culture. On Friday, after PBCCG’s general board meeting in the meeting room of the Monumentenzorg Curacao at Scharloo, they went to visit the Maritime Museum, where they were hosted by Mrs. Tamara Vervuurt.
They also visited the NAAM – National Archaeological Anthropological Memory Management, where they were given valuable information by Mr. Dimitri Cloose.
During their “Ser’i Otrobanda Art Walk” in the afternoon with Mr. Kurt Schoop they saw and enjoyed the magnificent artworks created for the successful Kaya Kaya Party project.
Then, in the evening, they experienced the magnificent Cathedral of Thorns with a tour given by Mr. Herman van Bergen. That same evening we saw and admired Mrs. Annemieke Dicke’s exposition. Then, later on, they were delighted by a night of concert at the Cathedral by night. At the Museo di Tambú Shon Cola on Saturday, they were hosted by Mrs. Maureen Rosalina. They also visited the Art Gallery of Avantia Damberg Caribbean visual artist at Landhuis Brakkeput Ariba. In the evening, they were entertained by a magical cultural evening at the Colastica residence, an evening with dance, music, and poetry.
We are delighted to have provided this immersive, authentic experience for our special guests. Hence, they get a good idea of Curaçao’s culture.
Dear Mrs. Broers, Mr. Steijn, and Mr. Oskam, we thank you for the beautiful moments and hope to see you back soon in Curaçao!
Enjoy these memorable pictures!