A Stipendium is a grant given to young people who meet certain qualifications (stipendiaries) to prepare for or continue their (vocational) education by covering the costs of living expenses and course/study fees. There is a specific application period for Stipendium, which runs from May 1st to July 1st this year.
The Stipendium is valid for one calendar school year and stipendiaries can receive a one-time grant of up to NAf 10,000. However, applicants can only receive the Stipendium once every three years.
To be eligible for the Stipendium, you must be a local talent (individual) between the ages of 13 and 25 who resides on one of the Dutch Caribbean islands. Additionally, you must be practicing one of the following disciplines at a high (amateur) level and wish to take the next step in your professional career:
– Performing arts
– Visual arts
– Natural sciences
– Literary arts
– (Audio) visual arts
– Design
You must also have recommendations from two separate teachers or mentors, provide evidence of previous achievements, and submit a motivation letter. Finally, you must demonstrate that your course/program is not eligible for a government scholarship.
The Stipendium can be used to fund entry or transition programs for vocational education or regular programs. Eligible expenses include tuition fees, registration fees, study materials (books, etc.), software, and a laptop or computer. Living expenses such as rent, transportation, and groceries are also covered.
However, phone bills, utility costs, holiday travel expenses, furniture expenses, clothing expenses, and other hardware costs are not eligible for funding under the Stipendium program.