In November 2017, the chairman of the PBCCG Board traveled to Statia to honor Marcella Gibbs with the 2017 PBCCG Prize

A very happy Marcella Gibbs (left) with Jessica Berkel, the PBCCG board member for Statia

Oranjestad –Every two years the Board of the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund Caribbean Region (PBCCG) awards a prize on each of the six Dutch Caribbean Islands in recognition of outstanding efforts in the fields of art, culture and nature. This year we chose to award Marcella Gibbs-Marsdin with the 2017 PBCCG Prize on Statia after consideration of several submittals from the community.

On November 8, 2017, Michèle Russel-Capriles, the chairman of the PBCCG traveled to Statia, accompanied by Thijs Tromp, the board secretary of the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund in Holland, to bestow the honor on Marcella Gibbs-Marsdin for her dedication to keeping cultural traditions alive in Statia.

Throughout her working years, Marcella always went beyond the call of duty to ensure that typical Statia traditions such as steel pan, caroling, and July Tree Branches remained alive and vibrant. She not only organizes various events yearly, she actively participates and engages the community to uphold these tradition, norms and values.

It is this dedication to preserving traditions and encouraging the community to do the same that has earned Marcella Gibbs-Marsdin the 2017 PBCCG prize. The prize was awarded in the presence of her family, close friends, PBCCG board member Jessica Berkel, representatives of organizations we support in Statia, as well the Acting Governor of Statia, Mr. Julian Woodley and both Commissioners Derrick Simmons and Charles Woodley.

The board of the PBCCG sees in Marcella Gibbs-Marsdin a role model for the young people of Statia. She is the embodiment of energy, tradition and the spirit of giving.

Misha Spanner (left) who won the prize in 2015 with this year’s winner