Sea & Learn on Saba is a non-profit foundation that brings together the local community, diverse nature experts and visitors to understand the value of nature, both worldwide and locally on Saba.
Sea & Learn’s objective is to reinforce the importance of protecting nature and educate the potential safe-keepers in order to sustain viability of Saba’s eco-tourism product and other environments throughout the world.
Throughout the month of October 2019, scientific experts engaged with participants in hands-on educational activities at schools, interactive terrestrial and marine field projects, and multimedia presentations. Target group includes local school children, local adults, seniors and tourists visiting the island.
This year’s program promises to enlighten participants about tropic bird mating patterns, the threat to native orchids, the uniqueness of Saba’s ferns and more.
Marine subjects will range from clam defense mechanisms to how invasive seagrasses from South America effect fisheries to shark migrations and why protecting sharks may offer a possible cure to cancer.