What do we know about the Tafelberg? Reminding us of a throne, the barely 646 high mountain is visible from many parts of Band’ariba and of course from the Spanish Water. A splendid sight, inaccessible nevertheless, because we can’t visit or climb it.

This photo book unveils this unknown part of Curaçao. It takes you to the old plantations, lets you climb the mountain and enjoy its beautiful rocks, it leads you to its top and shows the exquisite panorama. As if you are there.

Photos and texts tell the story of the industrial activities in bygone and present days. The story of phosphate and limestone, of Fuik Bay and Fuik Harbor, of the Santa Barbara Plantation at the foot of the mountain, and of the deserted village of New Port, lost in time. Though industry buildings of olden days have been deserted, it seems as if the old tools and machine are awaiting the return of the many workmen.

The past comes to life again, telling the story of the present It takes you to the last New Port inhabitants and rounds it off with the Tafelberg’s neighbors, Groot Sint Joris and Fuik.

An unknown part of Curacao awakens.