Mauritsz J. de Kort

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What are you passionate about?

I am passionate to see and facilitate people realize their full potential.

Where is your affinity with the art and culture world?

The affinity started at a young age, whilst being involved in theater, music, painting, and even ceramics. I was not well at all, but all those art forms proved wonderful ways to express oneself and to get to know oneself and others better, with understanding and compassion. This affinity grew into an admiration for those exploring their ways of expression and into my interest to support and facilitate them in that process.

What dream/wish do you have regarding the future of Art and Culture in the Caribbean?

My dream is that the arts through our artists will prove to be a fortifying cross-border bridge between the islands and countries in the Caribbean, either Dutch or otherwise. By setting an example of support and cooperation between Caribbean artists I wish that this example will be of inspiration to others living on our islands and countries and other places afar.