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❣️📚 History of the old Lebanese families on Curacao – Faroe Metry

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Not much has been written about the Lebanese families on Curaçao. The first Lebanese arrived around the beginning of the twentieth century. Although their reasons for coming to Curaçao varied, they all contributed to the development of our island. All of them were merchants selling their products from house to house and in later years from their stores, which often carried the name of te owner. they were also in the business of making and selling straw hats, and later on in the furniture business Although some of them returned to Lebanon, most of them stayed on Curacao and stablished a family. Some of their descendants became prominent figures on our island, filling important functions in politics, the government, and the private sector. Only those families that came to Curacao at least 50 years ago are included in this book. Over 50 families have been interviewed and tell their satires in their own words. As most of the old-timers were long gone, the family members shared their recollections with me. With limited or no documentation available, it is unavoidable that I had to rely on folklore, memories and tradition. Many unique photos have been gathered by the families in support of their stories. My gratitude goes to all the family members and the sponsors who cooperated in making this book possible…

Faroe Metry

Melanie❣️📚 History of the old Lebanese families on Curacao – Faroe Metry

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