Keila Mensche – Painter

*5 april 1994 – ꝉ 25 februari 2021

These artworks are from Keila Mensche. She passed away on Feb 25th 2021 at the age of 26. Keila was studying in Curacao at the University Dutch Caribbean. She was born with a heart condition called Long QT syndrome. Before she passed away she worked on a series of beautiful small canvas with the intension to launch her online art shop. Keila has been painting since the age of 10. She received classes from Janice Huckaby of Jan Art Bonaire, a famous artist here on Bonaire. At the age of 15 she competed in a competition organized by a local hotel to paint wall paintings on their fence. Keila was pronounced the winner of this competition with her famous painting of “de dike dames”.

Keila has been coming to Bonaire the last two years during every holiday. We created an art club called “Creative Souls” and we organized various painting workshops during that time. We developed a series of cactus that were very much liked and painted on Bonaire.

What makes the paintings relating to covid is that during covid she spend months on Bonaire and during this period she created the series where you find few examples from on this page. Keila would escape from the chaos of the pandemic on Curacao to be home with her parents. These were her last creations as in February she passed due to a heart attack related to her condition. Before she passed she created her Instagram called Caribbean Creative Souls. We will continue with her dream.

Keila, may your work travel the world an live on, as your creative soul will… We are happy to have come a cross it and to share it for you…

Serie Land & Sea
Instagram: Caribbean Creative Souls
Facebook: Creative Souls