Annemieke van Kerkhof-Posthuma

Born and raised in the small village Bennebroek in the Netherlands, At the age of 17, Annemiek went to the Dutch capital Amsterdam to study Arts. She graduated in 1986 at the Vrije Leergangen-Vrije Universiteit and started her career as an Art teacher.

While working Annemiek did several studies and received her diploma’s for Technical Science and Visual Merchandising.

As teacher she worked at several schools and institutions in The Netherlands and on St. Maarten. She worked as a designer decorator for an event bureau, as Unit leader for persons with special needs and gave courses in painting, drawing and calligraphy. Annemiek participated in several art exhibitions in the Netherlands, the United States and the Dutch Caribbean. She works on-and -off as illustrator, decorator, stand designer/builder, makes murals and is cartoonist and court drawer for The Daily Herald newspaper.

In 2020, Annemiek started her own Art studio AMP-Design where she works for herself and gives courses in two- and three –dimensional work using a great diversity of materials.


This Garden-totem project developed because we had to stay home. First in lock down, later it was wise to work from home. Finally I could take time to start with the clay and glaze I had for ages waiting tor me to work with. Because of the pandemic tourists did not come to St. Maarten. A friend stopped with her art gallery. Left me more clay, glaze and a much desired pottery kiln.

My inspiration has always been my surroundings. The sea surrounds the island we live on. What is living in the sea has many shapes and colors, a fantasy world with elegant moving creatures.

That Covid is not that far of my mind shows this sea urchin kind of shape.

Fishes Ceramics on a base of rock and steel rod.
Hight 110 cm, wide maximal 30cm

Sea Life

The inspiration for this piece is also coming from the sea. Outdoor sports are during a pandemic relatively safe. I swim at least 1 time per week in the sea, to get my needed exercise and relaxation.

When swimming at Divi Little Bay at the end of the day, all the pelicans flying back for the night to the rocks under Fort Amsterdam.

Ceramics on a base of rock and steel rod
Hight 125 cm, wide maximum 37 cm

Chicken in the yard

Every yard and garden on St. Maarten has rocks. Some of them are thin and flat and very useful as base for my totems.

At a certain moment, we had a chicken in the yard, which never leaves that far. She comes with a lot of noise flying in our flamboyant tree, telling us that she wants to eat. We call her Kakel.

Ceramics on a base of rock and steel rod.
Hight 68 cm, wide maximal 30 cm

Chicken feet

Humor is important in life. All the pets we ever had were one way or the other hilarious. Have you ever paid attention to the feet of birds when they walk? The foot they lift up contracts the toes. Young birds have hideous large feet. Covid gave me time to observe even more.

Ceramics and aluminum
Hight 28 cm, wide maximal 30 cm