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Book – Post war Curacao – 1945 – 1963

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Eddy Wegman (17 February 1918 – 12 May 1998 was born in Doetinchem, in the Netherlands. He left for Curaçao in September 1945, where he had been offered a job at Shell. In Curaçao he devoted the little free time he had largely to his new passion: photography.

As a photographer he gained the trust of the local population in a special way. This is evident in the powerful portrait photographs he took during his stay in Curaçao (1945-1963). During his life Wegman received numerous awards for his work.

Take a look at postwar Curaçao through the lens of this talented amateur photographer.

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MelanieBook – Post war Curacao – 1945 – 1963

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