In ‘Overseas Bloodline’ the author describes her search for her family on the other side of the ocean. A young woman visits her very old and sick grandmother after a stroke. She puts everything aside to trace the brother and sisters of her Venezuelan granny. For seventy years the members of this large family have not been in contact with each other, since her grandma left her country. She travels to Venezuela, without address or data, and contrary to the negative recommendations of people around her. Her dreams and moments of hope are disturbed by fears and uncertainties during this search, which conducted to particular events…

Loekie Morales, born on Curaçao has a passion for writing. She published the juvenile books ‘Zonnesproetjes’ (/freckles), ‘Selina and the obeah woman’, ‘Papito and the story telling tree’, ‘Bonte Boel’, ‘Tropisch nestje’ and ‘Mina Marina’. Moreover she has written several poems and short stories for the youth. In ‘Overseas Bloodline’ descriptions of socio-cultural elements are interwoven with stories, dialogues, letters and flashbacks. The author says concerning its book:

‘Living those wonderful and beautiful moments during this particular search remain deeply in my memories, but especially in my heart. Making it accessible to others brings me new life.’

Sometinmes Real life is better than fiction!