Nieuws  | Voorzitter bezoekt de bovenwinden

Michèle Russel-Capriles, president of the PBCCG visited the Windward Islands in June 2013. In St. Maarten she attended the award ceremony for Mr Cynric Griffith who received the prestigious PBCCG culture award for the arts.


In Saba she met with the Lt Governor, Mr. Jonathan Johnson, who is also boardmemeber of the PBCCG and together they visited (potential) projects and met with various key figures of the island.


In Statia she met with the Lt. Governor, Mr. Gerrold Berkel, to thank him for his service as board member of the PBCCG and discuss possible candidates as his succesor. During a public meeting she elaborated on the role of the PBCCG, its subsidy request procedure and met with various key people in the community.